Aeronet is founded on the vision to move high volumes of data wirelessly around the World

Aeronet recognizes that in today’s hyper-connected world there is massive demand from consumers to enjoy their favourite Apps and for vessel operators to exploit the multitude of IOT / connected-device services available. From business professionals needing to stay connected to the office and join video conference. Parents keeping children entertained with online gaming and tablet devices. Leisure travelers enjoying their video on-demand service. Dedicate VPNs for corporate use, reserved IOT cloud devices feeds, hidden crew welfare WiFi paths.


logo Proprietary SDDL

Our proprietary Scheduled Dynamic DataLink (SDDL) solution is a wireless point-to- point link located at a shore location on one side and on the ship/oil rig on the other side.


logo Maritime Solutions

We offer Gbps not Mbps speeds. Treating each vessel like a private 5G cell site with Terabytes of capacity and ultra-low latency. Available with a seamless integrated VSat wrap around service.